Vocabulary Review Flash Card Activity

This is an idea I got from a BER (Bureau of Education Research) seminar by Alice Krosnik. The hand out pertains to Reflexive Verb Vocabulary but can be used for any set of vocabulary in which a picture would represent the word.

Set up

Students can prepare at home for homework the day before. Hand out the attached grid with 25 pictures of articles de toilette and body parts. On the blank grid, student write the French word corresponding to each picture. Students should color the backs or put a symbol so if the cards get mixed up with their partner’s card, it will be easy to sort them. Students cut up all cards and bring to school in a snack-size bag.


For each pair of students (of three if necessary), students take one set of picture cards and place them face up. The teacher will say a description of one of the cards (C’est utiliser pour se laver les cheveux). Students choose the card corresponding to its description, HOWEVER, students cannot choose the card until the teacher either says, “Allez-y” or rings a bell or gives some other signal. This will allow students to process, especially since the teacher is simply not saying “le shampooing.” The ‘winner’ has the most cards. Also note: if a student grabs a card before the signal, the student must relinquish the card to his partner.

Obviously you can assign students the task of making their own flash cards at home.

Alternative Games

Flash Card Bingo

Students choose nine picture cards from their set of cards. They lay their nine cards down face up. The teacher reads descriptions of the vocabulary on the cards. (On voit avec cette partie du corps.) Students remove the card that corresponds with this description. The winner is the first student to remove all his cards from the game.

The Memory Game

This is why you need two sets of cards. Students take one set of cards (pictures and French). They lay the cards face down. It is easier when the pictures are on one side of the desk and the French words are on the other side.

Students take turns turning over cards to match the picture with the French word.

Quiz your partner

Students take turns quizzing each other. Picture card – say in French; French card – say word in English (or give a description in French better! If the student knows the vocabulary word, put the card at the end of the pile. If he doesn’t know it, the partner tells him and the card gets placed four cards down so the student will see it again soon.

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